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Default Re: What are you guys thinking about Remember Me?

I posted this in another thread, but I'll put it here too:
I've been really excited about this since I first heard about it last year. I really love the concept. If the gameplay works, knockoff or not (frankly it looks like an AC knockoff, but I'm fine with that, those controls are the best part about those games for me anyway, so if someone can lay a badass scifi story over them, who's to say I won't like it better than AC), this will very possibly be a pre-order for me.

Now I'll add, I had no idea it was scheduled for release so soon. I thought it was going to a fall release. One of the reasons I was hopefull was because of Capcom's involvement. But they're a huge company and outsource their development so much it wasn't like I was banking on them.

If what you said is true about this not being open world, and being more linear, that's hugely disappointing to me. Even if it's linear in open space, like an Uncharted or Hitman, that would feel misleading. And it makes me nervous that it's release snuck up that much. It seems like games that manufacturers are nervous about reviews with are the ones that sneak up release wise.
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