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Default Re: Ujiri Signs for 5-Years & $15 Million Dollars

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
I'm glad it's a done deal.

Hoping he does a better job at drafting and making a stronger future for this club. I hope Raps fans aren't going to have unrealistic expectations on the guy and let him figure this mess we have on our hand first.

I hope his first moves are cleaning up mini-disasters that Colangelo left for him.

I really hope he amnesties one of;

Bargnani ($11 Million Next Season, $12 Million in 2014/2015),
Kleiza ($4.6 Million Next Season then UFA), and
Fields ($5.25 Million Next Season then $8.5 Million in 2014/2015)

.. and trade the other two if possible. These are the worst contracts on our squad taking up $20 million dollars for three players who barely play
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