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Default Re: Uncharted 4? At E3 or October 2013 announcement

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I think you and I are the two biggest Uncharted fans on here, and I would surely be excited for a new one this year.

But I felt like the third one felt a little rushed. It didn't make the same jump that one to two made in quality, perhaps because that's not possible. But it has been a couple years now and you could be right. ND being a Sony subsidiary for all intents and purposes, I'm sure was tasked with getting something big going for the PS4 on release, and to me Nathan Drake is the closest thing Sony has to a flagship type mascot.

Yeah man, we're both huge Uncharted fans but there are a couple of other posters who really love the series. A lot of my friends who just recently gave this game a try absolutely love it.

After the initial play, I completely agree with your assessment of U3 being rushed but after playing it some more I have a hard time deciding which game is better (U2 or U3). U2's story is definitely more polished, has a better climax and perfect pacing. U3 rushed the story after Chapter 17. Starting with the "Settlement" level, I felt like they under-utilized the desert levels completely. Everything up to that point was so epic, easily surpassing U2 but then it kind of cooled off. The final boss battle was extremely underwhelming, really pissed me off even today.

Right after the Caravan level, they should have added an extra 3-4 chapters to make the story better. It just felt like it was too easy to find Iram of the Pillars, although the city looked gorgeous and very intriguing. After all the patches they've released, the game was a lot more enjoyable. I'm glad they brought back the stats but they needed to bring back the cheats so I can play the game with say a silencer and a sniper rifle like I could in U2 from the beginning. It adds that element of being a bad ass from the start that I immensely enjoyed in Uncharted 2.

I thought Uncharted 2 had the better overall story because of the later chapters like Monastery, Reunion, and Broke Paradise. Those chapters were easily 3 of my top 5 chapters in the game and it made the ending so much more enjoyable. They were also so immense and long, that it made you feel like finding the Tree of Life a big accomplishment. In U3, finding Iram didn't feel the same, however, up to the desert level I felt like Nate struggled a lot more then in U2.

I really want the next Uncharted to be at least as long as U2 and I want them to get more personal. I'd love to see Cutter and Chloe back (as well as Sully and Elena of course). The way U3 ended, I think ND should create a new chapter in Nate's life that includes children and maybe create a plot involving their abduction (to make it feel more personal and desperate) rather then simply searching for treasure and saving the world altruistically. Of course, they can still involve that element but make Nate feel more vulnerable then he has ever been. Maybe even let someone like Cutter be a playable character in the game (during certain chapters).

I just hope they add some new settings to U4, maybe bring a new friend to Nate's life and PLEASE create a more intriguing villain like in U2. Neither Marlow or Navarro were really intriguing to me to be honest; Lazarevich was pretty intimidating and ruthless, and the main foe in U3 was interesting with the whole drug thing but they never went deeper which felt kind of empty to me.

There is so many possibilities with U4 and I hope ND continues to develop their characters. That's why I love this series so much, I truly connect with all the good guys in the game. They are so likeable and have these unique relationships with each other. I'd be heart-broken to see any of them actually die; that's one thing Uncharted nailed better then most games ever.

I have been waiting far too long for U4, I hope it's announced sooner rather then later.

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