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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'MY TEAM MODE' Discussion

My roster right now:

C- Dikembe Mutombo/Darko Milicic
PF- LeBron James/Kris Humphries
SF- Gerald Green/Steve Novak
SG- Jason Terry/Nick Anderson/Anthony Morrow
PG- Paul Pressey/Patrick Mills/Gary Neal

Paul Pressey is actually a SG/SF combo, but he has 90 passing, 80+ ball handling, and 80+ offensive awareness, so I figured running him at the point would be a decent move.
Nick Anderson comes off the bench for some fire power for the 2nd unit. I do realize he's a better player than Jason Terry and Gerald Green, but I'd rather my 2nd unit also have an elite scorer than placing both of my elite scorers (Nick & LBJ) together and have them tire out quicker.
Dikembe Mutombo is the 76ers version. I wish he were the Nuggets version, but oh well. I was expecting him to be an elite rebounder, but so far in the two games I've played with him, he's probably averaging 4 rpg. I don't play zone defense either, so it's not like he's out of position from grabbing the boards.

Currently, my line-up is too slow to run fast break type of offenses. I've been slowing games down significantly and just looking for open shots, doing extra passes, etc. It hasn't led to any wins so far (0-2 in current 4th seed), but I have been close in every game I've lost... So I'm thinking about trying it for at least 2 more games before I make an entire roster switch.

I've also got the following reserves in My Collection and I'm considering switching out some of my current roster players for these guys since I lost my last 2 games in a row:

Kevin Willis, Sam Vincent, Clint Richardson, Joel Pryzbilla, Jodie Meeks, Javale McGee, Jeremy Lin, Malcolm Lee, Enes Kanter, Scott Hastings, Lercy Ellis, Craig Ehlo & Darryl Dawkins.
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