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Thorpe! Tremendous job on the write up.. Although I disagree with some projections I loved the read.

I really like Alex Len as a prospect and I think he should and will be a top 5 pick and he might become the best player out of this draft. Size, athleticism, fluidity, already a good offensive game with touch, and great defensive potential, along with a confidence you need to have in order to succeed in the league. I would make Len my #1 pick. I think it's crazy how many good-solid bigs there are in this draft, that I think it's hurting each others value.. Crazy! I don't remember a draft where there was this many bigs to consider.

I love mclemore but I gotta take oladipo over him. Again I love mclemore, he has all the tools besides the ball handling but he doesnt have that killer instinct I'm looking for. Oladipo not nearly as good of a perimeter shooter as ben and lacks a little ball handling also but one thing with oladipo is that he will be better tomorrow then he is today. Also he plays like he can defend anybody and will stop the opposing teams best player. You have got to love that attitude and confidence about him. And I think his jumpshot will improve over time. Also I think mclemore will take some time to get situated in the league, he seems a little soft and that maybe due to his age but I would still take oladipo based on long term.

I don't want to type a book here cuz my Achilles is still intact but another player I could see as a standout is Michael carter Williams. Just a huge pg with true legitimate pg skills. I think he would fit perfectly with Dallas or if the Knicks could move up in the draft they should take him.

Again don't want to write a book here but all I'm gonna say is... Len, Noel, Zeller, Gobert, Plumlee, Dieng, Olynek, Adams, Withey, Iverson, Mitchell. Wow! Look at all those bigs! I don't know why people are saying this is a weak draft class, that looks pretty impressive to me.

McCollum, Anthony Bennett, and my dark horse pierre Jackson will also make solid pros. Players who I think won't live up to the hype are trey Burke (I just don't see him starting in the league in a yr or two, hes too small.. I see him as a dj augustine clone) and Archie Goodwin (I watched a lot of uk ball and I always kept my eye on him and he was a serious disappointment every time, I might be biased though).
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