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Default Re: why she dont text me back mayne??

Originally Posted by Just2McFly
the thing that fvcking bothers me is the lack of courtesy, just tell me that you've decided to move on in another direction. i've had girls do some dirty things to me for no reason.

i remember one girl last year flat out ignored me after she begged me to take her out.... she was older and supposedly "more mature" then this b*tch ignores me and starts putting up statuses about how she wishes she had a date, man,etc...

while it was infuriating because i did nothing wrong and wanted her badly, i just had to move because I respect myself. only a chump would stick around and try to acquiesce to her wishes, whatever they may be
Hahaha you sound PISSED bruh bruh. Lotsa pent up frustration in that head of yours mayne. Hold it together bruh.
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