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Default Re: Bioshock Infinite

Originally Posted by KG215
Is the Return to Sender vigor the "sure fire almost feel like your cheating" way to do it or is there another way? I don't want to know the other way right now, but after I give it another try or two or three I might cave just so I can see the ending.
Yeah, the Retrun to Sender is the one I was referring to. I mean, it's not cheating, but it's a game-changer. You can still fail, but it offers a lot of assistance. If you choose not to use it, lighter advice would again be to use the skyline.

Also, I'm not a fan of this strategy, but it's possible for you to destroy the zeppelins instead of using the dragon. It takes a long time for him to recover from taking zeppelins down so some people prefer to destroy the zeps themselves and using the big fellow on the deck more frequently.
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