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Default Re: Dont worry Heat fans, Miami will win game 7.

Originally Posted by Clifton
They probably will. All my years of watching the NBA playoffs, this is the *kind* of series where the underdog gives them a lot of trouble, but the favorite eventually wins. It almost feels inevitable. Every once in a while the favorite will blow it, but rarely.

Indiana could win it, though. Because the series this feels most like, is the 2004 finals. Kobe hitting that gw in game two is a lot like Miami pulling out game one. Everyone (incl. me) thought the Pistons were done after game two but they won it in five. Pacers may just prove superior Monday.

The thing about the Heat is that the Pacers can guard Lebron with only one player. Usually, either Lebron scores 40+ on 50+%, or you're doubling him all the time, he's scoring 25, and his teammates are killing you. In this series, he's scoring 25 (or 30) on single coverage and nothing is opened up for the supporting cast. So it's not just Bosh and Wade who are underperforming this series. Lebron, even if he puts up good numbers in the end, isn't able to make the defense focus on him, and largely because of that the offense isn't clicking.

Yea that's exactly what it feels like. Been thinking about that ever since game 6 ended.
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