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Originally Posted by franchize
We're not GOING to draft Canaan in the first round. I'm well aware of that. Teams don't have the guts to evaluate hidden talent. GM's are lazy. Portland did it with Damian Lillard but most teams won't take chances on small school kids. CJ McCullom probably will go lottery but you won't see many teams going this route. He's more than likely going to go in the 2nd round.

To say he's not WORTH is first round pick is a totally different thing. He's just as talented, if not more, than Shane Larkin. He's been more productive. He's won his conference tournament twice and the regular season title 3 times. He's had a big time performance upsetting Duke in the tournament last year. He already has an NBA body. He already capable of hitting the NBA 3. He's been working out with Lillard and Chris Paul. He's athletic. He possesses the skills an NBA point guard should possess.

Another guy I like is Tony Snell. He's kind of like a mix between Jamaal Crawford and Darius Miles. Tony Mitchell isn't bad but the red flags of his attitude and laziness scare me.
From my understanding Shane has promise from the Bucks.

I dont think either player is truly NBA ready as far as coming straight in and contribute, and the Knicks dont have time for that.

i can't truthfully see him as the pg with teams makeup either.

The main knock on him is his passing rating and his court vision, he was one of the worst in pure passing ratings, and he isn't a good defender.

He actually reminds me alot of Jeremy Lin quite a bit.
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