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Default chad ford's report on magic chasing beldsoe

Wondering what other magic fans thoughts are on Chad Ford's latest report about our thinking in the draft and us chasing Bledsoe.

He has pretty much said we are not happy with Trey Burke and are strongly in favour of drafint Mclemore or Oladipo and then trying to obtain Bledsoe. The deal we are apparently throwing out is the same Afflalo for Bledsoe and butler's contract that others have said before. Presumably Chris Paul needs to re sign before Clips have any interest at all.

Would you guys be happy if we came away from this draft with mclemore/oladipo and bledsoe? I still have doubts bledsoe can be more than a good 6th man and he will likely want to be paid in the comming year too. At the same time Afflalo isn't really a piece for our future though and nelson is the vet we will likely retain.
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