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Default Re: How did you learn to shoot a basketball efficiently?

1.You have to use your imagination. visualize yourself shooting before you do on any spot on the court then go and shoot it.

2.You have to do it over and over again..until your muscle memory gets sharpened.

3.Practice alone, experiment with different forms until you feel comfortable.

4. It's all in the wrists,make sure to followthru after your shot

5. Use your off hand a lot for lay ups,dribbles,shooting close to the basket. Control of Your off hand and left side of your body is what keeps your squared with the basket and gives you balance and helps you with symmetry.

6.Bend your knees and get positioned with your feet,jump..

7. Delude yourself into believing that every time you shoot the ball it must go in as if its a fact or already happened. If you miss its an error and it wasn't supposed to happen. Trust me this works. Eventually you access a certain part of your mind that will make sure the ball goes in just like it makes sure your poop goes into your toilet... weird concept and i'm exaggerating obviously but it works for me.

eccentric advice from me I suppose but it's better than some generic answer...enjoy. Just believe in yourself after you have mastered the fundementals..goodluck
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