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Default Re: Injustice: Gods Among Us (DC Comics fighter)

I said I wasn't a big fan of the demo and I wouldn't be buying the game, but my brother picked it up last week and I figured I'd post how I felt about it.

1. It's ****ing hard. I play with a group of friends that played Mortal Kombat non-stop. We have tourneys, do pretty well online, and can usually beat tower mode on expert without losing around. That being said, we get wiped off the stage on the hardest difficulty on Injustice. I don't know what it is, but the CPU is much less forgiving in Injustice than it is in MK. We'll work our way up (The second to highest difficulty is definitely manageable) and I'm going to keep on playing until I get better, but the difficulty definitely surprised me.

2. The controls border on atrocious. I don't know how many times I've inputted commands for combos and missed a hit leading into a combo done on me. The absolute worst is trying to jump into a combo or crossjump and my character just jumps straight up in the air, also setting me up for big damage. This put me in particular at a severe disadvantage, as my main strategy in MK was crossjumping into combos. Wakeup attacks barely work, and trying to get up and attack after being knocked down usually leads to the CPU hitting me first. Another complaint is how precise you have to be when you use the background weapons. We turned them off, thinking it's sort of unfair. Just our opinion. And getting rid of the block button was a stupid mistake. It's what made MK stand out from the crowd, and it's an advantage.

3. I was a big fan of clashes when i first played, but realized they can be used right after you do a super attack since your super bar is completely drained. It's still a cool concept, you just have to be more careful when to perform a super attack.

4. The characters themselves and their moves are pretty good. I kept with my tradition of having a female character as my #1, (Kitana in MK, Harley Quinn in Injustice) and love the back+X knockback into another combo, especially when using the level transitions. They seem pretty even, can't think of any characters that completely dominate other than Superman and the CPU's Doomsday.

5. No tag ladders was pretty disappointing. I love the fact that they have multiple battle types you can play to keep it fresh, but 2 player cooperative action was a HUGE addition to MK9 and was a HUGE letdown that we didn't get it for Injustice. It was popular with my group of friends and popular online, I don't know why they left it out this time around.

6. Star Labs - pretty cool, I like it better than the Challenge Tower in MK. The "three star" system makes it a lot more challenging than its predecessor.

7. Fighting online is head and shoulders above fighting online in MK. I haven't played a ton of it, but the matches I've played had pretty much zero lag. I was pleasantly surprised.

8. The story mode was deep, but confusing as hell. I picked this game up as a fan of the MK team, not the DC universe, so I know I'm at a disadvantage. I know most of the characters (few exceptions like Black Adam, Ares, Green Arrow) and their powers, but the multiple universes and keeping track of which characters belong to which timeline was sort of overwhelming. Still a fun mode to play, I'm about 75% done with it.

Those are my opening thoughts about the game after three or four days of playing, I'll be sure to do some updates after I get more accustomed to the game and challenge some of the PS3 players here to battle. Despite the negatives I had about the game, I enjoy playing it....just not as much as MK. Anyone else here playing this a lot?

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