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Default Re: Jerry Sloan steps down, leaves Utah Jazz! Era is over!

The Utah Jazz have had a preliminary discussion with Jerry Sloan about returning to the fold in an unspecified position. Twenty-six months after resigning from being the Jazz's head coach, the Hall of Famer is open to considering taking a role with his old organization to help the rebuilding franchise and his successor, Tyrone Corbin. Deseret News

"That's up to (them). That's a situation that's strictly up to Ty or somebody in the Jazz organization," Sloan told the Deseret News. "If they want me around, fine. If they don't, (fine). They'd talked to me a little bit about it a little bit earlier." Deseret News

Sloan didn't say whether or not an offer was made. Nor did he specify whether a possible return would be as a consultant, a coach or in the front office. The 71-year-old, who still lives in Utah, is very respectful of Corbin, his former assistant coach and player, and wouldn’t want to become a distraction. "I'd hate to be in anybody's way," Sloan said. Deseret News

Sloan, who coached the Jazz from 1988-2011, didn't get a chance to put Karl Malone on his staff after the power forward retired in 2004. "He always had other things going on. Whenever I was coaching, I don't think he was really that interested in coaching yet," Sloan said. "But I think he's indicated that here in the last year or so that he'd be interested in getting back into basketball (to) some extent, and I think he's done that. I think he'll do a great job with them." Deseret News
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