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Default Re: Ujiri Signs for 5-Years & $15 Million Dollars

Originally Posted by GoRapz
<snip>...... I think Ujiri sees that there are decent pieces on this team and it would probably benefit the franchise to retool with younger pieces than to do a complete blow up. Think of it as taking one step back as opposed to two.

This is actually the most very interesting point ; other missed it.

Not sure how involved Ujiri was in the Melo trade ; but I recall he was. He was instrumental in the Nene trade.

So he started with Melo and Nene ( Gay and Bargnani ) and through picks, youth, development and being 3rd guy in a trade ended up with Ike on an expiring contract.

Ujiri must be looking at this roster and feeling a sense of deja-vue.

As too retooling or blow up... I would suspect its more than retooling.

To the points made by others I suspect that only Val, Derozan, and Gay are untouchable.... Gay largely unmovable given the contract.

I suspect the Barges, Klow, Kliza are almost certain moves somewhere somehow largely as they are in expiring contracts or option years. Thye have to be attractive to some teams to get out from under in someway and/or rental players as they are loosing depth at those positions. I suspect Fields, Ross and others are in the mix depending on the size of the deal and the ability to make the numbers work.
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