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Default Re: Jason Kidd retires !

The only way this team improves is if it pulls off a steal with the 24th pick. I would be absolutely pleased if they could get Shane Larkin there, but I highly doubt he gets anyway passed 23 (Indiana). If there's any possible way to trade up, then the Knicks should do it to land him.

Then signing Dorell Wright would be the best option for the 3 mill MLE. This would give the Knicks a scoring option at the three that spreads the floor for Melo playing at the four.
And resigning Prigioni for the vet's minimum (I wouldn't pay any more than that).
Maybe getting Matt Barnes for the minimum would be a good option if possible.
Resigning JR. And if you can get Cope back on board then good. If he leaves, he'll likely be the second coming of Shawne Williams.
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