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Default Re: Possible significant increase in salary cap and tax threshold?

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Conventional Wisdom says you are right, that being said, it also depends on if we sign Dwight or not as well as whatever input Kobe is afforded. If you look at the big picture, after this season we may re-sign Pau at a favorable amount 8-10 million, re-sign Kobe at a more reasonable amount and Metta will go off the books..... at this point there are so many possibilities for the future.

if dwight signs...MWP is getting amnestied for sure...and Pau may get traded too

Pau costs lakers around 65Mil in salary
MWP costs 31MIL in salary
blakes costs 17mil in salary

I wont mind if all 3 are gone by next year...I would keep Pau if Howard leaves.
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