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Default Re: So why do they do the 2 3 2 format?

Originally Posted by Scholar
Umm... Because of flight plans. Can you imagine how much jet lag players would suffer having a 2-2-1-1-1 series? Those 1-1-1 games would cause extreme tiredness. The Finals is usually one game, rest, second game, rest, third game, etc. It'd be too much flying in a shortened period of time.

What about the regular season? Well, usually flights and schedules are planned accordingly. That's why you more often than not don't see something like:
LAL @ NYK 03/10
NYK @ LAL 03/11

It just wouldn't work too well for the athletes' bodies and mind.

Oh yeah i get ya, spose it aint as bad havin the 2 2 1 1 1 series in ya conference because you only flyin east coast west coast... Imagine that like the boston la series.
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