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I dont see to much MMA in UFC (pride)... Horrible punches and Great submission techniques. Cro Cop was knocked out by Gonzaga the worse telegraphed roundhouse kick. Sorry the only technical aspect to MMA is the submission holds but they usually take hits just to get someone on the floor. You dont see crisp techniques with hands or feet. They can announce how many styles or versions of martial arts a person has studied and still see the worse punches and kicks thrown no form whatsoever. You see haymakers though but not much technique. Occasionally show me a crisp side kick or roundhouse show me some resemblance of karate, kung fu, tae kwan do but I am always disappointed!
There are some characters I dont mind watching fight because they are good at what they do in UFC/Pride ring.

Liddell fight was not stopped early because once both hands went on the mat and he was absolutely not defending himself the ref jumped in... Liddell lost to a has been and Liddell is clearly a has been now as well. I wanted to see Cro Cop destroy Liddell.

One thing I never understood is if someone lunges at you head down at your feet can you not just kick them straight on? Or just stomp down on the head?

I dont think the UFC will ever be regarded as highly as boxing and its not fair to compare the two. Way different animals. UFC will have its own market and niche. Boxing fans will not gravitate to UFC and most likely UFC fans wont gravitate to Boxing. In regards to both I will watch mostly names as a casual fan.

If Mayweather fought anyone in the UFC at the same weight class I would have to take Mayweather once someone shoots for his legs they would get hit with an assortment of punches to the top of the head. Shooting at someones legs with your head down is not intelligent fighting.

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