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Originally Posted by DwadeOverLebron
Thorpe! Tremendous job on the write up.. Although I disagree with some projections I loved the read.

I really like Alex Len as a prospect and I think he should and will be a top 5 pick and he might become the best player out of this draft. Size, athleticism, fluidity, already a good offensive game with touch, and great defensive potential, along with a confidence you need to have in order to succeed in the league. I would make Len my #1 pick. I think it's crazy how many good-solid bigs there are in this draft, that I think it's hurting each others value.. Crazy! I don't remember a draft where there was this many bigs to consider.

I love mclemore but I gotta take oladipo over him. Again I love mclemore, he has all the tools besides the ball handling but he doesnt have that killer instinct I'm looking for. Oladipo not nearly as good of a perimeter shooter as ben and lacks a little ball handling also but one thing with oladipo is that he will be better tomorrow then he is today. Also he plays like he can defend anybody and will stop the opposing teams best player. You have got to love that attitude and confidence about him. And I think his jumpshot will improve over time. Also I think mclemore will take some time to get situated in the league, he seems a little soft and that maybe due to his age but I would still take oladipo based on long term.

I don't want to type a book here cuz my Achilles is still intact but another player I could see as a standout is Michael carter Williams. Just a huge pg with true legitimate pg skills. I think he would fit perfectly with Dallas or if the Knicks could move up in the draft they should take him.

Again don't want to write a book here but all I'm gonna say is... Len, Noel, Zeller, Gobert, Plumlee, Dieng, Olynek, Adams, Withey, Iverson, Mitchell. Wow! Look at all those bigs! I don't know why people are saying this is a weak draft class, that looks pretty impressive to me.

McCollum, Anthony Bennett, and my dark horse pierre Jackson will also make solid pros. Players who I think won't live up to the hype are trey Burke (I just don't see him starting in the league in a yr or two, hes too small.. I see him as a dj augustine clone) and Archie Goodwin (I watched a lot of uk ball and I always kept my eye on him and he was a serious disappointment every time, I might be biased though).

Thanks for reading.

I gotta say, I really like Len too, but I'm just really concerned about the bad feet stress fractures to bigs. It's one of those injuries that just seems to haunt bigs. It gets better, but never really better. And as good as he looks, he did only average 12 pts against a down ACC, but again his own team didn't help in it's inability to get him the ball.

The Oladipo thing is interesting, because it's almost like he's being penalized for his motor and work ethic. You're saying "you know he'll be better today than tomorrow", but I think other teams look at that sort of as he's topped off his ceiling. If he's working this hard, why isn't that jumper more consistent. Why isn't the handle better. Perhaps he's maxed out his abilities. It's a tough call, but for the range those players are going, you're looking at bad teams, and I think McLemore's jumper gives him a higher cieling, which will push him ahead for teams like that. I do agree that his personality may hurt his development, but even without that killer instinct, his stroke and body will make him a viable third banana type asset to me for his career at worst.

MCW is a guy who my opinion of him I hold in a particularly high regard, which sounds pretty pompous. But I'm a big Syracuse fan. I watched probably 90%of his games this season. In addition, my annual Big East pilgrimmage means I got to see him in person a few times. I really like the kid. He plays as long as advertised. And his vision really is on an elite level. And his jumper is as bad as advertised. All that I'm alright with. My issue is that from what I've seen, he's not going to be able to do the nitty gritty of PG work that's required. He's incredibly bothered by pressure getting into an offense. Traps and the such, which he'll actually see a lot less at the NBA level, really bother him, which is surprising given his size. But more than that are the real ball hounding defenders. Someone like Avery Bradley will really have an impact on him. And during a playoff setting, when teams have more rest and more time to prepare, I could see teams jumping him pretty aggressively. And if it's bad enough, it could become straight scouting report data. He could get better at it. Or he could be a guy who's best fit will be next to a shoot first PG, like Steph Curry, where he can run as a playmaker in the halfcourt, and an open court threat with the ball on the break, while having help getting into sets when the game slows down. Sort of the way Ron Harper played "PG" during the Bulls title runs.

I too am really impressed by the depth of bigs. Check out Lucas Nogueira from Brazil too. A real energy, runner, finisher, shot blocker type, at 6-11 and long. Needs to get stronger, but after more research, it seems like he's a better prospect than Gobert, who in spite of his rediculous length, just may not be athletic enough to give more than spot duty. The thing about Nogueira is that the differences between he and Noel, after all the measurements and stuff, aren't that drastic. If Noel is going one, and I can get Nogeira in the 20s, that seems like a steal to me.
I'm starting to wonder about Noel as the top pick. I had some other reasoning for taking him. Stashing away that top pick and sucking for a better draft isn't a bad idea. But after coming in so thin, with the knee injury, which I know will be fine, but it sucks a year of prime developent from a guy who really needs the work on his post game. And god forbid the knee affects him physically even a little long term, because his athleticism is so much his calling card at this point.

Burke coming in at 5-11 bothered me a lot too. I don't know why but I thought he was more like 6-2 with biggish wings, and plays with strength because he's so physically solid, but I'm now really concerned about the size too. I'm thinking more like good Jameer Nelson now. Which is fine, just probably not top 5 fine. More like 10-15 fine if the need fits.
And I'm glad so see that someone else who has seen probably more Kentucky than me has questions on Goodwin. There's a fair amount of positive press coming out, but I'm just not seeing it at all. Honestly even as high as I'd take him in "My" version of the draft, some of that is just bending to the general value concensus, which is something I think teams need to do. He'd at least be a tradeable commodity even if I don't love the guy just because of his concensus value at some point if he fell far enough. It's not doing things like that that makes me shake my head when something like the Renaldo Balkman pick happens. I'm sort of like, I get it, you like the guy, and I'm fine with that, and since I don't get paid to do this research, I'm fine giving you the benefit of the doubt that the guy is good, but you coulda gotten him later. You could've even tried to trade back if you felt your second rounder was too late.
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