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Default Re: The Last Of Us Hype

This is as genuinely excited for a new game IP as I can remember probably since I saw the original Legend of Zelda came in a gold box, and you could save your progress right on the cartridge.

I've loved other new IPs in recent years, Batman, Dead Space, but I've always stumbled into them, bought them after the initial wave. Even the first Uncharted had already been out a year before I bought it.

I do understand Niko's statement (which is a pretty tepid expression of concern by the way). This game is being presented as a true open world experience, but so far the footage we've seen looks as impressive as Uncharted, if not more so, and the reason Uncharted could pull that off is by locking the camera in place for those incredible set pieces, which just isn't the nature of a true open world experience. If it's more limitedly open, like Uncharted, which is open within it's individual levels to a degree, but even then there's only one way to go, albeit possible multiple ways to approach a conflict.

Either way, I'm super pumped.
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