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Default Re: The Last Of Us Hype

Originally Posted by Rose
I usually use those same sites (I've never heard of gametrailers) Except I really like Kotaku. Generally they rate games around the same as I do.

I was just commenting on the low scores and how it's kinda funny why they're doing it. I think gamespot is a little more...M$ supported. I've noticed how they do their scores before. COD gets great scores...Uncharted lower scores.

The Last of Us - 80%
Metro: Last Light - 90%


The Last Of Us - 75%
Dead Space 3 - 95%

2 of the 4 sites that didn't give this game at least a 90 (out of 52 total reviews so far). GameSpot lost a lot of credibility, especially considering all the other really stingy review sites gave this game so much praise.

This guy (Tom) that works for GameSpot really is a douche bag though. He consistently rates every game low mostly for his own personal publicity.

I think The Escapist had a really lenghty review and they said although the story is linear; the environment is actually really broad that allows the players to have a lot of choices as to how to approach different scenarios. IGN also said it took the writer about 18 hours to beat the story mode.
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