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Default Re: The Last Of Us Hype

I actually got carried away watching last light on youtube a few days ago. It did look interesting. I know what you're saying though, it's another example of a game getting a score it didn't deserve whereas TLOU got a lower one.

From what I'm reading, besides one reviewer said it took him 11, gameplay seems to be at least 14 hours. That combined with weapons on new campaign difficulty (which means a lot to me now) that's gonna add some major replay. And typically I don't get much replay out of Naughty Dog games.

Might shop around for preorder bonuses. Normally I'm an amazon guy but the $10 video credit is kinda lame.

Sidenote: does sony not release preorder numbers like M$ does? I know I always hear about OMGZZ Halo had the biggest preorder ever! No COD does now! No gears does now! etc etc. I mean TLOU has been #1 on amazon ps3 sales for at least a month, and top 5 for....a ridiculously long time.
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