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Default Re: The Last Of Us Hype

Originally Posted by LJJ
IGN and GameSpot are pretty much the least credible sites out there. Both are known to sell scores. Gamespot actually fired one of their employees (who was actually even their editorial Director at the time) over a low review score and literally every single good writer on their staff responded to that by leaving too. (and ironically joining the fired guy's new start-up site)
Beyond that one incident, Gamespot is great and isn't afraid to be hard on games. When Gamespot gives a game an 8, 8.5 or a 9 then you know it's a great game. I appreciate a site that's going to be more critical and not easily hand out high scores and praise.

IGN on the other hand seems to work on a 7-10 scale and IMO, simply has poorly written reviews.
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