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Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
Whast wrong with Mihm?? people understand this....he was more consistant then Kwame last year before going down. Kwame has played good in only 18 games remember that. if all of these 3 guys play good this year we would be a very good team......I think Mihm is going to have a breakout season......I want my Man TURIAF to be a monster this year.....

Same here with Turiaf..

But with Mimmsee you gotta remember also, the catastrophic events of having him and Kawa_Mee in the paint. They were like two fat ladies, running for the buffet... they were all over each other.. That, and they did not work together properly.

I love Chris, (regardless of his tendency of attracting foul trouble) but feel that K.Browns' potential is grander.. except for those mini-hands that he has. If he can get over that, and gain a proper composure.. then maybe he can look next season similarly, to what he displayed at the end of last season and the playoffs.

Plus, having another tradeable body is an asset that the lakers don't have in abundance.


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