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Default Re: predict greg odens career

I say right around what you said for rookie year:
14-17pts, 7-10reb, a couple assists, and a couple blocks

As for his best year, I could see something like:
22-26pts, 13-15reb, 3-5ast, and over 3blocks

His career average would be around:
20-24pts, 12-14reb, 2-4asts, and somewhere under or around 3blocks

I don't think he will win ROY, I do think he will play until his late 30's, so I think even if Yao gets the votes, he will be an automatic backup All-Star center, so maybe 12 to 15 All-Star games depending on his 2nd and 3rd years and how long Okur is better, and if Amare is considered a center. It might take him a few years to break into the game, but he will be automatic for years.

It is hard to predict the All-NBA teams, because of Yao, Amare, Howard, Bosh, and maybe Curry all being great potential centers. I would say up around 10 1st and 2nd teams because I do think they would be creative and make room for him.

No way he gets 8 DPOY awards. 2, 3, or 4 at best.

And I think the HOF could be within his reach if he stays healthy and can lead Portland to a couple championships.
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