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Originally Posted by 97 bulls
I agree on Jimmy Butler. Why do we need to look for another SG? I feel we need a big to replace Asik.
SG are kinda in a way just as rare as legit centers. I mean sure all the top tier shooter guards are great but several are about to retire.

Simmons usually argues that Wade/Kobe/Manu are on the way out and the next generation is pretty much Harden/EJ/Afflalo. And really Harden's the only one that's a lock for being an all star more than once. Sure EJ could make it if he gets "healthy" and Afflalo might in a shitty east but it's kinda different than it used to be back in the 90s.

Center is pretty much now Dwight? Gasol Noah Lopez Bosh. I mean there's several guys there who if Dwight is never again that good (and I think he was just bored in LA but he may have actually been injured) that are all arguably the best center. Then a few next tier guys like Asik, Tyson (I'm not as high on him as others) Vucevic etc.

And we're fortunate enough to have one of the top tier guys. Plus the Bulls still need shooting. I think if there's a nice 2 guard prospect take him, but if there's a nice center prospect who would be a good back up grab him.
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