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Default Re: Lions with Mathew Stafford vs. Winning Teams

Originally Posted by Nanners
if you combine the 2009 and 2010 seasons, the lions still played less games vs winning teams then they did in 2012 alone. The vast majority of those losses happened during the past two years.
Yeah that's true, I didn't see that . I think this year will be a huge telling year for pretty much the whole organization. If they fail to make the playoffs the GM/Coach and maybe even a few of the better well known players might be on the way out.

Also the Lions lost several games due to bone headed reasons, the two main culprits: Suh's fantastic fail against Andrew Luck, the ridiculous Titans game. And a **** ton of injuries particularly to the already questionable secondary, and wide receiver corps. No excuses for the injuries because every NFL team has them, but I'm fairly certain with a slightly healthier secondary they wouldn't have lost some of the games they did.

I don't think Stafford's particularly the cause of the woes or the answer. But I do think he's a slightly above average guy.
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