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Default Re: Suns have 5th pick in the lottery 2013

Originally Posted by Maniak
I get the center vs. guard type idea however McD has been adamant in saying he's going to go with the BPA whoever that is at #5. There is no "needs" for the Suns, except probably PG but even then they might look to get rid of Marshall because Larkin has made a good impression blah blah blah.

I'm not sure about that deal because I don't know how much this team would want Tyson Chandler.

I'd like Iman on the Suns though, I think that guy has a great future in the NBA.

Although who I really want is Wilson Chandler. I like his game.
Yeah I think Marshall is definitely moveable because my guess is at pick 30 the choices will come down to pg's

Reason why I think it would be good for the suns to take chandler is because the value for gortat went down as both an expirer and someone coming off injury. Chandler mid season this year would have really good value (IMO much higher than gortat).

What would you think about the suns going after josh smith?
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