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Default Re: why do jordan spiz'ike's cost more than retro air jordan's?

Originally Posted by Levity
Not sure, but the Spiz'ike's have some awesome color ways. DJ Augustin was rocking some sick black and yellow ones during the playoffs.

Those were the Air Jordan 4 in 'Thunder' colorway actually.

I feel white dudes dont look good rocking basketball shoes as casual wear.

Strange fashion rule. Never heard that one, lol.

All depends on what you're wearing. Abercrombie & Fitch type clothing doesn't go well with them. I think Justin Timberlake pulls it off with urban wear.

Joel Madden looks strange in them with his clothing choice.

Tom Cruise should maybe stay away though.

I love my dude Jason Sudeikis for reppin the Jordan's hard though.

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