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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'MY TEAM MODE' Discussion

I just cannot find any luck in this mode. I went 5-1 to start the 4th seed earlier this week after failing to advance so many damn times over the course of maybe 2 months now!
I thought this was my lucky break. Just 3 more wins and I'm advancing. Then I lost my next 4 games in a row.
My record is 5-5 now. I have 2 games left but I needed to get to 8 wins to advance, so I'm f*cked once again.

I took garbage ass Dikembe Mutombo out of my line-up because I just couldn't do shit with him. He was probably only grabbing 4 rebounds per game. Jeremy Lin off the bench had at least 3-4 games in a row where he out rebounded Dikembe.

Anyway, my current line-up looks like this:
C- Kevin Willis/Javale McGee
PF- LeBron James/Kris Humphries
SF- Gerald Green/Paul Pressey/Steve Novak
SG- Jason Terry/Nick Anderson/Anthony Morrow
PG- Brandon Jennings/Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin is garbage. I just cannot score with him no matter how often I practice his shot. I tend to switch Jennings, Lin, Terry & Pressey between the pg position throughout a game. I obviously need better big men. I'm considering picking up Reggie Evans for the rebounding boost, but he's worth over 10k VC.

I don't know what to do to advance other than blowing up this roster and replacing everyone with gold players. I don't want to resort to that but I'm getting to the point where it seems to be my only option. I keep facing guys with all good line-ups anyway, so maybe it's necessary...

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