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Default Re: The Last Of Us Hype

Originally Posted by LJJ
OMG they score 360 .1 or .2 higher than Metacritic average out of 10, and PS3 games .1 or .2 lower. It's a conspiracy!
It's not a bias, it's just trolling, and it's heavier toward big Nintendo releases but they do it often. There review scores and the review contents also have a bad habit of not matching each other. Just because it's recent the Luigi Mansion stands out to me, their main criticism was the first boss was harder than the 2nd or 3rd boss and they had trouble with it. (I agree it was harder but personally i had no problems.) For that they took a game almost everyone gave a 9 and gave it a 7. Also the Skyward Sword where the guy complains about the controls (valid IMO) but gave an example of how the controls work which was really really wrong.
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