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Default Re: Who are you cheering for in the finals?

Definitely the Spurs. Would hate to see the Heat win it.

That being said the Spurs have a very good chance at beating them.

I'm looking at Tony Parker destroy the Heat and I'm imagining what a healthy Derrick Rose could do to them.

Our combination of Noah and Boozer is better than or equal to that of Duncan and Splitter.

Deng and Butler are better than Leanord and Green.

Their bench is a little better than ours since they have Ginobli, but I'm sure that we will make improvements to our bench.

They have Popovich who is one of the greatest coaches ever, but Thibs is as close as you can get to Pop in the current NBA.

A healthy Bulls team can compete with anyone.

I'll say again I wouldn't mind moves being done, but at the same time I'd be completely content with bringing everyone back getting them all healthy adding a free agent and two draft picks and making a run.

Rose - Butler - Deng - Boozer - Noah is a very good starting lineup.

Hinrich - Bellinelli - Draft Pick - Gibson - Draft Pick can be a very good bench.

Draft a SF and a C.

See if we can bring back Nazr as an extra big. Sign Chase Budinger or a Corey Brewer. Try to sign an Anthony Morrow or a Mike Dunleavy for some 3-point shooting.

Draft Gorgui Dieng and Solomon Hill.

That is a very deep and well-rounded team. Also should be able to pull it off financially as well.
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