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Default Re: Things Players in Pickup Games Do That Annoy You

Things i hate the most:
> People who call fouls for the slightest bit of contact.
> People who get mad when we don't call their stupid foul.
> When bigger people step on my feet :L
> When people get one block and they act as if they just won the NBA finals. Seriously. Gtfo.
> When people with no handles ( centers ) dribble the ball as if their a PG.
> When people hog the ball...
> When the person you check the ball to shoots it instead of checking it back.
> When people classify taking one step as "Getting crossed" --'
> When people are racist
> When people who don't even play ball play
> When people think their mad cause they shot it from halfcourt.
> When people think their And1 and stay in one spot trying to cross people. Notsureifsrs
> When people are hypocrites eg. My friend thinks he's got better handles then me because i apparently "carry the ball" all the time, then when he carries it he acts like we're all wrong. Pls. Stfu
> Not trying to be racist here, but when some black people go around acting like their the best cause their black. Just cause most of the best players in the nba are black, doesn't mean your one of them.
> People who think they're better then they actually are :L
I'm in high school. I deal with this crap everyday :/
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