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Default Re: Lions with Mathew Stafford vs. Winning Teams

okay you know what, I am fine with people putting Matt in the same "tier" as Sam...honestly I think the average casual fan has Matt in a tier above Sam...this can be seen in the Players Top-100 list where Matt is like #75 and Sam is no where to be found.

Stats and team wins aside, I DO think that Sam wins the eye ball test though...I feel like I have watched enough of both, obviously enough of Sam I've seen every game he played as a Sooner even...and to me it is just visually obvious that Sam is the better passer.

I also disagree that this year Sam has 'weapons"...his top 3 WRs are either rookies or unproven sophmores, and he has no RB at all...the only real upgrade was Jake Long at LT but Jake is not what he used to be at all, he hasn't even played the last two years completely.

anyway, I feel confident that down the road it will be another case of me saying "I told you so"...just have to wait a little while to say it, that's all
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