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Default Re: Write about your best performance in a basketball game (stat-line included )

Game up to 11 by 1's and 2's. Full court. Was on a team of scrubs against a high school team that had 4 of their 5 starting 5 playing pickup ball at our local court. Their sg led their confrence in spg. With full court pressure, I dropped 6 long 3's. Shot 100%. They would score, team would inbound me the ball and I would dribble through the D, or get a pick set and get another pick 5-6 feet behind 3 point line and launch. These guys loved setting picks. On the final 3 which was real ****ing deep, I just smiled, said thanks for the game, and left. 6 possessions, 6 shots, no one else on my team touching the ball. Game over.

You couldn't hear a pin drop.

I also dropped 53 points in a city league and made the local paper. The other team only had 55 points and we scored 103 lol.

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