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Default Re: Lions with Mathew Stafford vs. Winning Teams

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
okay you know what, I am fine with people putting Matt in the same "tier" as Sam...honestly I think the average casual fan has Matt in a tier above Sam...this can be seen in the Players Top-100 list where Matt is like #75 and Sam is no where to be found.

Yeah we are on the same page here. Think he was thrusted even higher after the season before last he had. I remember someone posted a ranking list and Stafford was high. Talkin top 7. Pretty sure I wasnt dreaming.

Stats and team wins aside, I DO think that Sam wins the eye ball test though...I feel like I have watched enough of both, obviously enough of Sam I've seen every game he played as a Sooner even...and to me it is just visually obvious that Sam is the better passer.

I can live with that.

anyway, I feel confident that down the road it will be another case of me saying "I told you so"...just have to wait a little while to say it, that's all

How long down the road because its been 3 years so far since you have been talking up Sam Bradford.

What happens down the road really doesnt relate to how do you say it prime...NOW.
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