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Default Re: Lions with Mathew Stafford vs. Winning Teams

I don't get how Bradford passes the eye test of being better.

Bradford, for all his supposed accuracy traits... doesn't hit people on the money consistently. He's not a great down the field thrower as far as accuracy goes (Stafford is better in this area) but on the short stuff he is better with accuracy vs. Stafford.

Mobility, Stafford is at least as mobile....and IMO has a slight edge.

Arm strength is not even close. Stafford has a rocket, Bradford just above average for a starting NFL QB.

Pocket presence, both good...neither clearly better than the other.

Decision making, Stafford has more willingness to make tight throws...and I think that's actually a trait....the wideouts get paid money too, I like when a QB gives them a chance to make a play. That's how big plays are made. Bradford more safe, IMO.

It is interesting that both had basically the same INT percentage last year though.

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