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Originally Posted by el gringos
So you already understand oladipo shouldn't be a top 5 pick

Trey Burke will "slide" and the sheep will follow along eventually

But please Thorpeasouraus explain to me how Otto porter is some consensus 3rd pick- how could a team take him over the group of bigs and a few other players. I feel like its generous to put porter in the top 6-8. To think he is a lock top 3 is something I don't understand. Explain to me what makes him such a great prospect, what do you expect from him?

Yeah, I like Olidipo, and on the right team I think he'll fill a role immediately and be productive. But he's a career very good rotation player. Not someone that to me even has a chance to change the fortune of a franchise.

I do see Burke sliding at this point. Those size numbers just don't add up nearly enough.

As for Otto, I do think he's notched himself up a tier for a few reasons. One is that he's pretty much the only player of his type in this draft. He's a legit 3 (SF, not pick I mean). The only other guy who can be truely categorized like that is probably Mohammad, and he's really more scorer than anything else. He's got the legit SF body. And he's got that multifaceted skill set. He can rebound, handle some, shoot from the midrange, and he's a plus passer. I think there's legit room for growth too. He's got the foundation of a shot that can be pushed out to 3pt range, although he may never be a real sharpshooter, he can be a threat, and his handle has shown flashes of being good enough to do more already, it's probably a matter of confidence.
He kind of did everything for G'Town. He was their best decision maker by far. Their best shot maker. He made FT to close games. He made plays with and without the ball. And when they face pressure, he was the key to breaking it, weather they got it to him and cleared, or he flashed to open spot and kicked it up court. He was also their best defender, both on the perimeter and on the interior. He's another Big East guy so I got to see him in person probably a half dozen times the past two years. He reminded me a little of the undervalued Marquette guys that I held in seemingly too high a regard in the past few years because when you saw them in person they seemed to do more than you'd get by watching them in spurts on TV, like Wes Matthews and Jimmy Butler. As the flow of the game happens, it just felt like Otto was in the middle of everything GTown need to get done.
The other thing that I think affects his value is that there are a couple teams with whom he's a perfect fit. Cleveland being one. Although Noell makes some sense as well for them. They're a team who has a backcourt set that's young, and has spent a few high picks on bigs the past few years. In addition they probably don't want a clogger offensively with that backcourt. A true SF who can handle some ball responsibilities to free up the backcourt to play without the ball some is a great asset to a team like that. Washington also is like that. Their bigs are a little older, but they're on the cusp of being a playoff team.
I also don't see any of these bigs as being truely elite. If Noel were Shaq, or Duncan, or Chris Webber, or even Anthony Davis, then fine, I'd say the value may be higher among the bigs as a whole. But I feel like we're looking at a large group of genuine pro asset bigs, but not real franchise changers. Len is probably my favorite of the group in terms of size and offensive potential, but those stress fractures really scare me.
The other thing I feel like Otto can do that seperates him from Mohammad, I feel like he can float over to PF in a small ball set. He's a really terrific rebounder for his size. And he's a competitor who is very aware on defense, even if he's not always capable. There isn't another SF in this draft that can do that.

For a telling sign about how highly I regard Otto, gun to my head, I'd say Otto is a better prospect now than MKG was coming out last year, and I loved Gilchrist going back to seeing him in HS.

The other guy you mentioned that interests me greatly in regard to Porter is Saric. He seems to have a lot of similar features. By all accounts he's got a great basketball mind, and that may put him close to Porter in terms of playmaking. He's a little bigger, but not the athlete. And he's a little better shooter. He's right on the cusp to me, but it's a real fine line before one of those guys just becomes a stretch four who can pass it some, if they can't break down off the bounce or defend at the SF spot. But Saric is another guy I can see moving up because of the dearth of players like that in this draft.
Another thing Otto can do that seperates him even
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