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Default Re: Bargnani To Be Traded or Amnestied By July 1st

Originally Posted by Chamberlain
Not a terrible deal for Toronto, but the Knicks get raped in this trade. Losing Chandler and replacing what he brings with Bargnani and Frye is something no sane GM would ever do. Matching those two up with Amare just makes the situation so much worse. Top 5 pick wouldn't be terrible but it's in a weak draft. NYK are in "win now" mode; high draft picks in a weak draft are not what they're in the market for.

As much as I would like to see the Knicks get juiced....

The Knicks are simply looking to loose Amare and any trades they make is likely to (1) aquire a PG and (2) shed Amare and his contract for cap relief.

To Chamberlains post - not what they are in the market for.

Knicks would love Gorat tho... look for that type of deal...where Amare goes back to the Suns (??)
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