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Default Re: Looking to Buy New Basketball - Tips?

Originally Posted by Cleverness

A lot of leagues use this one. I own one and it is awesome. Highly recommend. It's an indoor ball only.
Yep. I'm a big fan of the Evolution. I also like Spalding TF-1000's for indoor use.

Originally Posted by kamil
It basically has a 'sticky' feel to it and I can palm it with ease (its a composite leather).

1) How would this ball measure up with use indoors? Is it going to rip apart?
2) Will it keep its grippy feel months down the line? I'm going to be playing with it abour 2-4 hours per week.
3) Would water or dirt affect the sticky grip of it?
In my experience, many new basketballs tend to have a tacky coating that makes them extremely grippy at the get-go. However, after repeated use, they lose a bit of that starting grip and develop a groove of "not too slick but not as grippy as it was in the store".

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