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Default Re: Things Players in Pickup Games Do That Annoy You

Originally Posted by Jameerthefear
- People who hard foul. Seriously its a fvcking pick up game I have other sports I play and cant risk hurting myself.
That's a big one for me. And I'm not referring to guys who make a play and just want to prevent a bucket with a solid hack. I'm speaking of those whose fouls would be considered flagrant or intentional in real games. I'm also not fond of bear hugs or wrap ups.

And to be clear, my issue with these plays doesn't have to do with me despising contact or something. It's just, streetball is merely streetball - I'm playing for fun and it's real life. I can't really afford to have people undercutting me or pushing me from behind on dunk attempts. If there was something at stake, I could better understand it. But with my terrible health insurance, I literally cannot afford to have folks taking me out on purpose during random pickups.
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