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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
Lol, this is not a new development as I'm pretty sure you're aware of. GB/TP haven't fought together in years. The only thing new now is GB/Mayweather are now strictly Showtime and Top Rank in now (unofficially) HBO.

And the fans are winning for the most part (other than tonight when both have events on at the same time.) This forces them to put on huge shows cause they are now competing against a promotion and now a network. Last year, Golden Boy might fight on HBO (Broner) than come right back and fight on Showtime (Canelo) so they were not competing with networks. But now, the whole landscape has changed.

When it comes down to it, you have to pick a side. And tonight you really do as they are on at the same time. So far, Showtime has been putting on the better cards.
Obviously I was talking about the whole Showtime/HBO thing. And yes, you do pick what fight you want to watch but I don't think that's picking sides. I could care less who's showing the fight, I'll go for the fun matchup.

I still say its not good for fans because like you said, there will be conflicting fights on the same night. That's pretty much the only time they are forced to put on huge cards because that's the only time they are going head to head. And who misses out, we do. Khan vs Alexander is not direct correlation to TR fighting overseas. They've been trying to out a fight in Dubai back when Mayweaterh Pacman was still feasible.

Not only fans, but this hurts Golden Boy too. HBO by default is the bigger network. They have 5 million more subscribers. Their boxing budget is much bigger, which means they have more money to spend on fights. So after supposedly losing Millions on the last Mayweather fight, Showtime went straight for the big money in Canelo and it should pay off.
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