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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by ItsMillerTime

Every season finale so far has setup the next season's plot lines. There were a lot of huge events that happened last night:

Jon and Sam are back at Castle Black
Bran made it past the Wall and is headed north to find the Three-Eyed Crow
Arya shanked the fvck out of some dude
Jamie and Brienne made it back to King's Landing, he's finally back to his sister after months/years
Yara Greyjoy is going to attack the Dreadfort and save Theon from the Bolton Bastard after seeing a Dick in A Box
Tywin and Joffrey really went at it for the first time over who has more power
Gendry escaped (this never happens in the book so his story line should be interesting)Dany is slowly conquering that entire continent and amassing a HUGE army

And the biggest of all: Stannis, his army, Davos, and Melisandre are going to march to the Wall and assist the Night's Watch

You can't expect an event like the Red Wedding to happen every episode. Some spoiled whiners in here.

That part interests me. He's already an amalgam of two characters as it is, and now he's trudging off as what would essentially be a completely new character. I wouldn't be surprised if he just died.
I wonder how far off from the books they can get without affecting the later story line.
Like how screwed would they be if GRRM releases the next book and Jeyne Westerling gives birth to Robb Stark's son and he turns out to be Azor Ahai. They'd be screwed. I assume the show knows enough about what's happening moving forward to not really paint themselves in a corner.
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