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Excellent post OP! I've never seen so much thought being put into a message board post.I liked your analysis on MCW, which is why I believe he wouldn't be the best fit for the jazz right now. Last year we so clearly lacked offensive production from the PG position, at times it was painful to watch, got much worse when Mo went down. We need someone who can distribute yes but who can also hit a jumpshot when needed. Which is why I would prefer Dennis Schroeder from Germany. From the videos I've seen he's got a nice looking shot and excellent handles. I do agree Larkin feels a bit of a reach given his small stature, he looks like he is more of a backup, we could take him at #21 if available but I kind of agree - 'Khaaaannnnn!' LOL. Although Larkin could fit us well being a good shooter. At #21 I would absolutely LOVE Allen Crabbe, he moves so well without the basketball that would really fit into the jazz offense and is one of the best shooters in the draft.

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