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Originally Posted by ljsbb27
Nets have a billionaire owner who took on Joe Johnson's contract which is even worse than Boozer's contract. Boozer also had chemistry with DWill and would help Lopez with rebounding which he struggles with.

Hawes would give us a quality back up center. Young is younger, more athletic and can play outstanding defense especially being coached by Thibs. He doesn't have the range Boozer has but he is extremely efficient. JRich is a veteran who could still play and provides outside shooting. Turner can provide an additional ball handler and playmaker.

Kinda exactly. They already have JJs contract. And DWill. I don't see it happening. For the sake of getting rid of Boozer's contract it's a solid deal, especially since I really like Marshon's game. I just don't see it happening.

And I don't see my Kings deal being super realistic either. It is very unclear how SAC feels about Cousins. They could want to move the headcase, and if they do, I think the trade I proposed is sufficient value. Obviously adding Evans is unrealistic, as I stated in my post.
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