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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
Actually, I read it's around 8 more subscribers for HBO than Showtime.

Of course it's not good for fans to separate the boxers, but hey it is what it is. It's not good for the boxers either because certain fights just can't get made.

But in the long run, everything will work out for Showtime and Golden Boy. Short term, it's hurting their pockets a little bit, but it is bringing more fans over to the network and boxing in general. For Showtime, Canelo/Trout I think had the highest watched boxing match on Showtime ever, non-PPV and Broner/Paulie next week might rival it. But, compared to a regular HBO boxing event like Bradley/Provodnikov, it wasn't close. About 8 mil more subscribers will do that to you. Canelo/Trout 1.1 mil viewers and Bradley/Provodnikov 1.4 mil.

You can't tell me (or anyone else) since the deal has been made, Showtime/GBP hasn't been putting on better shows than HBO? Since Golden Boys defection to Showtime in mid-March, these have been the main events for each network.

HBO: Rios/Alvarado II
HBO: Donaire/Rigondeaux
SHO: Canelo/Trout
SHO: Garcia/Judah
HBO: Martinez/Murray
SHO: Mayweather/Guerrero
SHO: Matthysse/Peterson
HBO: Froch/Kessler II
SHO: Maidana/Lopez
HBO: Dawson/Stevenson

And their upcoming events are better too. Broner/Paulie >> Garcia/Lopez.

You could actually go further back. GBP has been all Showtime even before HBO gae them the boot, I guess it had something to do with a Golden Biy exec now is the head of Showtime Sports. Only GBP fighter on HBO still was Broner.

I disagree about the upcoming fights. I still think Broner-Paulie is a BS fight. Paulie is no threat to Broner. He slow and has no power whatsoever. Broner is much faster and the harder puncher. It will either be a one sided domination by Broner or one boring ass fight. Their twitter war will be better than the actual fight.

If Adrian has any problems beating Paulie, then he isn't a real deal and just another hype job. Banks-Mitchell is the best fight on that Broner card and could very well steal the show

Garcia-Lopez is a much more entertaining fight to me.

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