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Default Re: Injustice: Gods Among Us (DC Comics fighter)

The demo was sooooooooo d!ck. I cancelled my preorder because of the demo, then bought it a day after it came out(though I didn't get to play much for the first month it was out).

Now dude, I have fallen in love with this game. But it certainly was a frustrating experience adapting to the game from MK. About what you said on wake-ups and the controls, they're actually great. You are just used to the pace, blocking system, and timing of MK and it's messing you up. This game is something new and totally different. It plays like nothing else and that's what got me and a vast majority of people by surprise the most, but with time you learn the beauty of everything, and yes, even stage interactables and the clash system. It's a very deep game, very rewarding to put time into, and by far the funnest fighter I have ever played, though I still hold MK9 as my favorite fighter of all time.

The online multiplayer experience is incredible if you're playing someone who has a decent connection and in the same country. MK9's online community died because of the fact they dropped the ball on the netcode, so I was sure they couldn't mess this one up and they didn't.

Funny that you mained a girl in MK9 too, as I mained Mileena. And in Injustice, I have found Catwomen the most fun to play for my style, and although I am only on day 3 with her, I already know this WILL be my go to main. I even bought the Bad Girls skin pack and the Arkham City skin pack just so I can have all her alternates, hahah. Started playing Superman, who I still will be playing here and there. I will be learning Scorpion for my secondary whenever the next DLC character comes out and people hop off the Scorpion bandwagon. Not in the mood for a shitload of mirror matches!

It's a shame no one on ISH plays this but us, by the looks of it. I play on the 360, but I gotta get a new PSN account made on my roommates PS3 since he has Injustice on that, we could get some games in some time. On Xbox my tag is In Perdition if anyone here plays on XBox, ADD ME! Code Green, will let you know when I get a PSN again. Might be later tonight.

btw, you post on Test Your Might, green?

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