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Default Top 10 Worst of the Best MCs of All Time

check this list out

I agree with some of the guys.....I dont think I can go with Guru

I think Missy elliot belongs on this list and maybe ya boy Memph Bleek

Top 10 Worst of the Best MCs of All Time

Posted in Real Talk by Web Bum on the April 28th, 2007
I know I’m gonna catch some hate for this list. Over the years there have been several rappers who, either through great beat selection or crossover popularity have gotten way too much credit. Below is the list of the Top 10 Worst Famous Rappers of All Time. While there may be worse rappers than the guys on this list, they aren’t nearly the stars that these MCs are. Think of this as the worst of the best.

Greg Nice

Hands down, Greg Nice is the worst famous rapper of all time. While Smooth B isn’t exactly Rakim either, he pretty much held down the lyrical side of Nice & Smooth. Greg Nice might have some of the worst rhymes in the history of rap music. “Greg Nice, Greg N-I-C-E, Droppin dem basso ah oui oui, Rock for a fee not for free, Maybe I’ll do it for charity, Now my employer or my employee, Is makin Greg N-I-C-E very M-A-D.” Nobody’s ever listened to a Greg Nice verse and said to themselves, “Damn, Greg be spittin some straight heat!!”.

Mike Jones

If Greg Nice is the #1, Mike Jones is #1B. I don’t know anybody who’s been able to rock a cheesy gimmick for longer except Gilligan. Mike Jones sounds like a rapping muppet with the same lyrical ability of my 7 year old cousin. You should not be allowed to say your name 30 times and call it a record. Who? I don’t ****ing care.


Guru is the classic example of how great production and a great voice can make up for a lack of lyrical ability. Guru has spit some of the wackest verses over some of the most classic beats ever. You understand how truly wack Guru is when he’s on his own, away from the safety net that is DJ Premier. For proof, check out any one of the 39 Jazzmatazz albums. Can you honestly imagine if Premier partnered with a top level rapper to form Gangstar instead of carrying Guru for 15 years. While obviously Gangstar material is still classic Hip Hop to the highest level, could you imagine if he had partnered with a guy like say Kool G Rap?


Do me a favor and go back and listen to No Way Out and I dare you to get through one Puff verse without cringing. Puff’s so bad that even with other people writing his **** for him, it comes out terrible. His newest album would be a classic just based on the production and the melodies. One problem: Puff’s flow is atrocious.


We can’t bring up the Noreaga from the classic album War Report, when Tragedy Khadafi and Capone were writing his lyrics. When we can bring up the days since then, when he became N.O.R.E., he’s had some of the classic worst lines in rap history. “I get head and I don’t even iron my pants.” “I only rock jord-ons, I can’t stand pip-ons.” “You a frizzeak always see you in the strizzeet, walkin walkin til you get widdeak”. Nore’s swagger and flow have definitely allowed him to maintain a steady career thoughout the years and when you mix that in with some classic production from the likes of the Neptunes and Marley Marl, you get a rap superstar.


CEO’s shouldn’t rap, even if they’re CEO’s in the rap industry. I don’t think Bill Gates goes down to the factory and helps package up copies of Office 2007 and Baby shouldn’t pick up the mic. We know your rich, you got diamonds in your mouth, and you drive nice cars. Thanks. I don’t need to hear an entire album where you repeat those 3 facts over 16 tracks.


Another case of a producer who thinks he can rap. All too often producers feel that they need to crack the mic, and the results are often horrendous. While Manny Fresh might be the worst producer/rapper, he doesn’t have nearly the profile that Pharrell has. I understood who truly bad Pharrell was as a rapper when I listened to him ruin some classic beats on his mixtape, This guy took some of the greatest beats of all time and spit some of the worst nursery rhyme, cat in the hat, bars in history. The thing about bad rappers is that they run out of content quickly and Pharrell falls right into that realm. You get real sick of hearing about clothes, sneakers, and skateboards real quick, especially from a guy who’s not lyrical enough to flip it in different ways.

Erick Sermon

The E-R-I-C-K is a great producer, he’s a terrible rapper. He might have carried EPMD on the beat side of things, but when it came to picking up the mic, E. Sermon spit a lot of utter doo doo.

Juelz Santana

Cam’ron is a good rapper who doesn’t try and ends up spittin’ some terrible ****. Juelz is a bad rapper who doesn’t try and ends up spittin’ some terrible ****. Juelz is very lucky to be affiliated with Dipset and have solid business people overlooking his career otherwise he’d be hanging out with the Jae Mills and Graft of overhyped New York rappers.


Wu Tang consists of 9 members and 47 other guys who happen to randomly show up on their albums. In the Wu Tang hierarchy of lyrical ability, U-God is somewhere behind Killa-army. U-God’s had one memorable verse in the dozen years of Wu Tang existence. One verse on Triumph, that’s it.


Brian Gaffey aka DJ BRI-G

alot of booty MCs in the south too... they could fill up this list all by themselves
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