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Default How many guys can dunk in your local court (10 ft) in games?

i've never seen one pulled down in a streetball court in games.

Of course there are a few dunkers in my local court, they can dunk in practice on legit rims. Best hops was this 5'9 guy who can absolutely jump and dunk two handed. I call him mini vince carter. But never seen he pull off any variety, never ever saw him dunk in games though he really got up very high at times.

My friend ever told me he had a friend back then who was 5'9 and can pull off an eastbay (After like 10 tries though ). He said that guy was the best of best hops he had ever witnessed, and he could dunk a simple two handed barely with any effort...He also said that guy did a tip-in dunk in game and hung on the rim to win a prop bet.

Anyway never actually witnessed an in-game dunk (Aside from professional games), is the court I play weak or what?

Edit: Sorry was meant for streetball forum but accidentally posted here

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