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Default Re: Nba Live 14 vs Nba 2k14

2K14. My player/career is pretty much the only game type I play, and I'm excited to see some developments for that hopefully.

Honestly, the Live 14 trailer didn't look too bad though. It wouldn't surprise me if that was only a cinematic trailer, but it did look alright. One small, personal gripe with Live was that the lettering and numbering on the players always looked too small and made the players look like they've got Kevin Durant type physiques. Looked a lot more realistic.

EA need to do something extremely special to get me to switch back to them though, it's extremely unlikely I'll get Live 14, unless it's going cheap in the future or something.

The 2K14 next gen reveal with 'Video Game James', that was incredible. Couldn't stop watching the gameplay clips with LeBron, Kobe and Ray Allen in the mix too. All looked very lifelike in my opinion, and no ridiculous light shine on the players or jerseys either, which was a small gripe I had with the 2K series.
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